Thursday, 2 March 2023

‘Litter Pick’ 23


 Much appreciation to all this year’s team for their sterling efforts this morning and generously giving of their time to clear our village lanes and approach roads of 20+ bags of litter.

 Thanks to Annie Bradley, Nic Brown, Julian George, Nikki & Jim Harrison, Alicia and John Howard, Richard Phillips, Thia Richards, Karin Sampson, Andy Wight & Aly Wright…..and to Sharon and Linda at The Bell, who provided tea/coffee and delicious cakes as a reward for the team’s efforts.

 There was noticeably less litter on our village lanes this year – undoubtedly a tribute to those in our community who regularly pick it up on their walks round the village.

 But, as ever, the verges on our village approach roads told a different story with their fascinating collection of beer cans and bottles (sadly all empty!), burger boxes and a mind-boggling collection of paraphernalia.

 This year’s star prize must go to the (no longer) proud owner of an ‘old school’ computer screen, who generously left their donation to the world on one of the verges on the Aylesbury Road.