Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Free Home Insulation

A Community Message from AVDC

Cocoon is now able to offer cavity wall and loft insulation for free to householders in Great Britain.  Whether you own your home or rent it privately, you could be eligible to have your home insulated for free, saving you £s on your energy bills.  This is a time limited offer on a first come-first served basis.

From Monday 14 May 2012 – Cocoon, run by the United Sustainable Energy Agency, is now able to offer free loft and cavity wall insulation to householders across Great Britain.

Householders should take advantage of the free insulation while they can, before the government funding which makes this offer possible is withdrawn.  This is expected to happen in the autumn of 2012. This offer is only available until September 2012 and it is on a first come first served basis.

Having your home insulated is one way to bring your heating costs down. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms could save up to £135 every year, just by insulating your cavity walls.  Householders are being urged to act quickly to protect themselves from predicted future energy bill increases.

All homeowners and private tenants are eligible regardless of their age or whether or not they are on benefits.  If your house is larger than average for the number of bedrooms, or if you require extras such as scaffolding or core vents then you may be asked to pay a charge.  Also, if you already have a certain level of loft insulation you may be charged to top it up.  However, you will not have to pay anything until you have agreed to it, after having a free, no obligation survey.

If you are not sure whether you have cavity wall insulation; or you’re not sure whether your loft insulation is up to the recommended level, just contact Cocoon to arrange a free, no obligation survey.

For more information, or to arrange your free, no obligation survey, 
visit the Cocoon website  or call on 0800 80 48 777

Further Information
For further information about this press release please contact Carolyn Kempster
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Cocoon is a referral service helping customers find the best deals on domestic insulation, solar technologies, and energy switching. 

United Sustainable Energy Agency is a not for profit company providing services to the public sector, businesses, and individuals to help them reduce carbon, adapt to climate change and tackle fuel poverty.