Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fight Back Britain

RDF Television are producing a new commission for BBC1 called Fight Back Britain. They'd be very interested in hearing Neighbourhood and Home Watch members stories.

The programme concentrates on the role that the public plays in helping the police fight crime. How social networks, mobile phone footage, photos, eyewitness accounts etc. can provide crucial evidence in identifying suspects and assisting in successful convictions. The highlight of each episode will be the inspiring stories of public involvement.

As well as these stories, the programme will provide advice on how members of the public can play their part in responsibly aiding the police, as well as insights into how they can keep their family and property safe. Where relevant, they also want to include on-going cases where an appeal for evidence would be useful. The series is a BBC1 prime-time commission, with a provisional transmission date from mid-July.

They are looking for past and present stories where the public (and ideally their footage) has played a key role in the case.

If you have a story on how your Neighbourhood or Home Watch group has helped Police fight crime, please contact or 0207 013 4208.

The flyer for the show can be downloaded here.