Friday, 22 February 2013

Village News

with Margaret Morbey

New Bells for St Nicholas
Chearsley PCC are planning for 3 new bells to be cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, whose bells were seen last year leading the Jubilee Pageant on the Thames, to join the existing 3 bells in the church tower. Around £55,000 is needed. Fundraising events will be taking place throughout the coming year and donations are invited from individuals either generally or for a specific fitting. It is planned that one of the bells will be sponsored by customers and staff at The Bell and dedicated to Oli Babington, late landlord of The Bell, and be known as “the Oliver Bell”. To enable the bells to be rung regularly, more bell ringers of all ages are needed to join the group of regular bell ringers in the village. Bell ringing is a challenging and stimulating activity, good physical exercise, skill and co-ordination of working as a team, and the mental discipline of following complex instructions. Please contact Jeremy Pratt on 01844 201611 or email for more information.

Litter pick – this is planned for Sunday March 17 at 10.30am. Meet outside The Bell. Bags and gloves will be provided. Please come to keep our village tidy.

Chearsley Chix Race for Life
This is taking place at Waddesdon Manor on Sunday May 19 when everyone in Chearsley is warmly invited to join the Group to run, walk, skip or dance the 5k distance in Waddesdon Manor grounds, raising money for cancer. Chearsley Chix is the name of the group already set up. To take part, registration with Race for Life is necessary which can be done online at when the Group name and Group ID must be given. The group ID is AH3939. The more people taking part, the more funds for research into cancer will be raised and the more fun it will be. An after the event lunch at The Bell is also being planned.

Parish Council Meeting Monday February 18
Nic Brown chaired this meeting with only 2 other committee members present and 4 members of the public.
  • Public session - Damaged road edges and verges throughout the village and the immediate need to continue the kerbing programme was the first item to be discussed during the public session. Lorries delivering materials for building works in the village are often to blame and although householders were asked to ensure only small lorries were used, this often did not happen. It was suggested that photos should be taken if possible of vehicles seen causing damage and for the offenders to be approached. Later in the meeting it was agreed that the Planning Forum together with Mike Heybrook who would investigate kerbing contractors, would discuss which areas should next be kerbed according to a plan already drawn up.
  • Unacceptable noise from a quadbike being driven at weekends in a garden in Lower Green Lane was brought to the attention of the council and Nic agreed to talk to the householder concerned.
  • Blocked drains in Dark Lane was another problem and Dave Smith of AVDC would be contacted again. A footpath diversion behind Long Meadow, Dark Lane was not the within the authority of the Parish Council, but they would consider a letter of support when the appropriate authority was approached to divert the footpath.
  • Planning permission recently granted at The Birches against the wishes of the Parish Council was of great concern to a neighbouring householder, and it was felt a letter should be sent by the Parish Council complaining that it was considered proper procedures had not been followed by AVDC in granting the permission.
  • Planning Matters A site meeting was arranged at The Old House, School lane development.
    Millenium Field - a lot of work has been done to reinstate this field after use as a play area. Mike Heybrook asked the council for financial help with a slab of concrete which needs to be removed. It was part of the original agreement that the field would be returned to Mike in its original state.
  • Village Plan – John Lewis reported that the results of the survey with nearly a 40% response would soon be published with plans for a further survey/vote on actual proposals before publication of the plan in the Autumn.
  • Cycle Path to Haddenham Station - it is thought possible for this to happen and will be seriously investigated with the help of the Planning Forum.
  • Damage to The Green – two areas which have suffered with vehicles driving over them will be re-seeded and a temporary fence put around. 
  • The next meeting will be on Monday March 18 at 7.30pm in the village hall.