Tuesday, 28 May 2019

'Historic Chearsley' Exhibition - Sunday 2nd June at the Village Hall

A final reminder that a ‘Historic Chearsley’ exhibition will take place at the Village Hall on Sunday 2nd June. The details are shown on the poster below.
As advised in a previous mail, a number of fascinating resources will be on display – including 12 photographic boards packed with fascinating images of Chearsley in years gone by. These were put together by Ted and Ann Hooton to launch their book ‘Chearsley Living Through History’ in 1993…..and we are delighted that Ann will be joining us on the day.

We’ve also been pledged some further interesting photographs and village memorabilia by members of our community and all Chearsley residents are invited to share anything which might be of interest and add to our understanding of Chearsley’s fascinating heritage.

If you have anything that would contribute to our exhibition, we would be delighted to receive it, or if you would be interested in joining our group, please contact any of the following:
Anne Adams               paxos.aa@gmail.com
John Cragg                  johncragg181@gmail.com
John Howard               jnh@dbmc.co.uk
Sara Turnbull              sjt3456@gmail.com

Either pass it over to one of us or bring it along on the day – but one way or the other, it would help with our organisation of the exhibition, if you could let us know in advance.

There’s no charge for entrance and, as you’ll see below, refreshments will also be served from 1 o’clock onwards.