Thursday 18 February 2010


The pancake party at the church on Tuesday was a great success with over 60 people queuing up for their pancakes. The children loved seeing their pancakes being made and then getting to choose their toppings, jam, lemon, sugar, maple syrup, you name it. Some children tried some weird combinations of these! Once they had filled their tummies, they enjoyed a story about Jake the boy who ate too many pancakes (see below), then they had a chance to toss a pancake. Some more successfully than others as you can see from the photos!

Jake the pancake boy

This is the story of a boy called Jake.
He liked to eat lots of pancakes.

‘I’m hungry’, he said and rubbed his tummy
I will make a pancake that’s tasty and yummy.

He mixed the batter and started to fry.
He thought about different pancakes to try.

He flipped the pancake – it didn’t drop.
Then he tried to decide what to put on top.

Sugar and lemon, that’s easy and sweet
or I could try tuna or perhaps some meat.

What about chocolate, cream and honey,
Or cheese and pickle – that would be funny.

‘I know’, he said, ‘I will make them all.
All that food will make me grow tall.’

So he cooked for two hours without stopping.
Then ate all those pancakes – his tummy kept growing.

But he’d eaten too much and felt very ill.
So he went to the bathroom and took a pill.

He decided maybe pancakes were not his favourite dinner.
‘I won’t eat another pancake until I get thinner'

Photographs courtesy of Sharon Sampson