Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Burglary Prevention Advice

Community Message from Diane Brown (Police, NHW & Community Messaging Co-ordinator)

Don’t get burnt this summer, follow our hot tips to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of burglary

The summer is fast approaching and you may be looking forward to day trips, long weekends and weeks away with the family.

Help us beat the burglars by taking a few easy steps to protect your home. Opportunist burglars will seize their chance if they spot a window or door left open, an empty home or a hedge which allows them to work hidden from view.

By following some simple steps you can help protect your house and garden while at home and on holiday.
Securing garden boundaries and entry points to houses, and ensuring houses look lived in while you are away can prevent burglary.

Ch Supt Tim De Meyer, from Neighbourhood Policing and Partnerships, said: "The steps you can take to protect your home are not expensive or time-consuming but are very effective in reducing your risk of becoming a victim of burglary.

"Look at your home from the street and think about how a burglar may break in - and then take the necessary steps to deny them this opportunity.

"Thieves will use whatever they can find to break in, or find things they can use to reach higher windows.

"The effort invested now may save a great deal of inconvenience later on if you are unfortunate enough to become a burglary victim.

"Many stolen items will be irreplaceable, such as photographs stored on stolen cameras and phone numbers stored on stolen phones.

“Victims may also have to spend time cancelling stolen bank cards, passports and driving licences, replacing door locks and filling out insurance claim forms."

Julia Hughes from Thames Valley Crimestoppers said: "Sadly the effects of burglary often rob people of not only personal items but also of feeling safe in their own homes.  By being vigilant about home security and watching out for the wellbeing of our local communities, we can all play our part in beating the burglars.  

"If you think you know who is committing local burglaries or handling stolen goods then play your part and let the police know.  However if you don't want to be identified then call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and tell us what you know"

Follow our hot tips to protect your home this summer:
  • Do not leave valuables or car keys by open windows and doors. Mark your valuables with your postcode or register them on the national property database www.immobilise.com
  • In the garden? Make sure you lock your doors and close your windows
  • Double lock your door using the key, and make sure your windows are closed even if you are just popping out
  • Do not leave garden tools, ladders etc easily accessible in your garden, make sure you shed is secure
  • Going on holiday? Make it look like you are at home; make sure you cut the lawn and trim any tall hedges before you go.
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Cancel milk and papers
  • If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it is set - and that you have told the police who the key holder is.
  • Lock the garage and shed with proper security locks, after putting all your tools safely away
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