Thursday, 28 June 2012

Canada Day

This Sunday, 1st of July is the 145th anniversary of the formation of the Dominion of Canada.  As reported on the day:

“The new Dominion has been duly inaugurated, and a jubilant time there has been, at least in the Province of Ontario. The metropolis of Cuddington was scarcely up to the mark on the occasion, and was fairly outdone by the loyal and patriotic village of Chearsley, which got up a celebration far exceeding anything of the kind ever before witnessed in the Western section of the Dominion.”   NY Times, July 1867.
Larry and Catherine Greenfield feel it is only right and proper to continue the success of this time honoured tradition by hosting an Open Invite Barbecue this Sunday from 2pm-6pm at Gardeners Cottage, Chilton Road. 
Look for the flag!
It’s an informal event so feel free to drop in for a few minutes or the afternoon, BYO (bring your own food, booze etc), and please let Larry know if you can make it.