Friday, 23 November 2012

Crime prevention warning for rural areas of Aylesbury Vale

A message from Thames Valley Alert Information sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership is urging residents in rural areas to take simple steps to deter burglars from targeting their homes as the winter approaches.

The awareness campaign, Operation Arctic, focuses on providing advice to people on how to stay safe during the run up to winter. During the winter months, properties remain in darkness for much longer periods which make them easier to target, especially if there are no obvious signs there is anyone home.

As part of Operation Arctic, the Partnership has been making Selecta DNA available to a number of households in rural areas. Selecta DNA is a metallic forensic marker fluid, which is unique to each owner. Selecta DNA not only incriminates thieves possessing stolen goods but makes the recovery of stolen goods to their rightful owner a much simpler task.

Matt Partridge, Chairman of the Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership, said: “We are determined to raise people’s awareness of security and help stop burglary from happening in the first place. Our advice to residents is not to let their home become a  target. Protect your home by taking simple steps such as using timers to turn lights and radios on; fitting alarms; making sure homes are locked before going out and keeping valuables out of view.”

Aylesbury rural Inspector Emma Garside said, “I would urge residents to review their home security as the winter nights draw in. With manufacturers now designing cars with security in mind it is becoming more and more difficult to steal a car without its keys. We are experiencing an increase in burglaries to houses where the only things being stolen are the car keys and the vehicle itself. Anyone who has any information relating to these crimes is urged to contact the police.”

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