Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The next CPC Traffic Survey will take place on Thursday 24th September.

The survey will run on similar lines to that carried out on 23rd July. Recorders will register all vehicles entering the village on the four village approach roads and subsequently note down their route of exit or ‘village destination’

Two separate surveys will run concurrently – a ‘Commercial Vehicle Survey’ monitoring HGVs, LCVs and other larger vehicles and an overall ‘Traffic Count’, which will record all the vehicles travelling through the village, including private cars.


The day will be divided into two hour recording slots during the survey period, commencing at 08.00 and finishing at 18.00. We’ll also provide up to date guidelines for observing ‘social distancing’ during participation in the survey.


A number  have already volunteered to help with the recording on the day, but could volunteers please confirm or re-confirm their availability, by replying to John Howard directly (


The greater the flexibility regarding attendance during the day, the easier it’ll be to plan and fill all the ‘slots’. Please don’t put your name down for any specific timings at this stage but, by all means, indicate either am or pm availability (or both!)


The July survey provided some valuable insights into the traffic flows through the village, but it is important that these findings are refreshed from time to time to measure relevant trends and ensure ‘up to date’ evidence to show to interested parties.


If you haven’t seen the full report on the July survey, please visit the CPC website on this link….


….where the ‘Traffic Calming’ section contains the latest report (Traffic Survey July 2020 – Final Report) alongside other related material from recent years.


Surveys such as this are vital for CPC to document the challenge faced by our community from rising levels of traffic through the village, especially larger commercial vehicles.


Earlier this week, the damage inflicted on our much loved ‘Horse Chestnut’ was a powerful reminder (if it were needed!) of the need for us to maintain our efforts in lobbying for restrictions on HGVs using our village as a ‘rat run’ and demonstrating irresponsible driving practices in the process.