Tuesday, 8 September 2020

(Yet more….) damage to Chearsley’s iconic Horse Chestnut Tree

On Monday, another ‘incident’ at the main village junction took place, as an HGV, attempting a foolhardy manoeuvre in making a nigh impossible turn from the Aylesbury Road onto the Winchendon Road, succeeded in removing a large branch from our beloved Horse Chestnut tree.

Tony Babington witnessed the incident but was unable to take any photographs.


He posted the following report on the Village Facebook page:


“Did anyone see the large white unmarked double trailer, negotiating the narrow road to the right of the tree heading up Winchendon Road yesterday (Monday) at 12.45?


Rear trailer mounted the grass and nearly toppled over onto Martin’s house (The Forge). Loud crack as the top of it smashed into the tree.


Unfortunately, not enough time for me to take any photos”


The Parish Council will submit a formal report to the relevant contacts at Buckinghamshire Council but, echoing Tony’s report, would anyone who also witnessed the event or who has any form of supporting evidence, please contact John Howard (jnh@dbmc.co.uk) as soon as possible.


Whilst it is unlikely that any form of disciplinary action will take place without any supporting photographic evidence, it is vitally important that we alert the relevant authorities to dangerous incidents such as these, to document our case for more measures to be introduced to deter HGVs from making these unsuitable, not to say, highly dangerous journeys through our village.


Our sincere thanks to Alan Burnett, Ian Alamghir and Nic Brown, who this morning kindly chainsawed and cleared up the debris left behind at the junction.