Monday 12 December 2011

Christingle 2011

John Wynburne, our vicar, led an atmospheric Christingle service at St  Nicholas on Sunday 11th.  The church was packed out with about 30 children and even more adults. Each child was given a Christingle orange (to represent the world)  with a candle (to represent the light of Jesus), sweets to represent the  fruits of the world, and a red ribbon to represent Jesus' blood spilt for us.

Then John used a Christmas cracker to illustrate the story of the Nativity and played his guitar while we sang Christingle songs to some well known  tunes. All the proceeds from the collection will go to The Children's  Society who help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Don't worry if you couldn't make it as John will be telling the Nativity story again at 3pm on Christmas Eve. If the children would like to, they are welcome to come in Nativity costumes or just borrow one on the day.

Sharon Sampson