Monday, 1 February 2021

Parish Council Elections May 2021

We have been advised that, after some further uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Local Elections, including for Buckinghamshire Council and Chearsley Parish Council, will go ahead in May of this year. Some readers may be aware that these elections were originally scheduled for May 2019 but were postponed for 12 months due to planning for the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council, then further postponed last year due to the pandemic. So your current Parish Council will have served for 6 years since the last election instead of the normal 4 years. 

Because of this extended period of office, it is particularly important this year that we do have a contested election to confirm that the people serving as your Councillors do have your support. This of course can only happen if enough electors put their name forward as candidates. There are seven Councillor places on Chearsley Parish Council, and we understand that not all of the existing Councillors are proposing to stand for re-election. We will therefore definitely need new people to get involved. If seven or fewer people put their names forward there will be no election, the candidates will be automatically appointed to the new Council and they will then co-opt at their discretion others to fill any remaining vacancies. Not a very satisfactory situation. 

So please think carefully - could you serve your village in this way? No special skills are required and lots help and guidance, including training if you want it, is available. Training would be funded by the Council. The main requirements are enthusiasm, a determination to keep Chearsley a special place to live and some time to do it. 

Full details of how to put your name forward, the timetable and a nomination pack have been published by Buckinghamshire Council and are available on the PC website here. Our clerk, Helen Spurgeon, may also be able to answer any questions (, or you can speak to any current Councillor. As well as election details, the PC website also provides a lot of other information about the Council activities.